Ozarks Healthcare Behavioral Health Center 2020 Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for Ozarks Healthcare Behavioral Health Center (BHC) has been developed by BHC management and employees to provide a disciplined approach to the management of the organization over the coming years.       

Background Statement/History

Ozarks Healthcare Behavioral Health Center (BHC)  was formed in 1997 when it was awarded the contract as administrative agent for the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) for mental health services in the seven-county region that includes Howell, Oregon, Shannon, Texas, Wright, Douglas, and Ozark Counties.  Services are delivered at BHC facilities in West Plains and Mountain Grove, as well as Ozarks Healthcare clinics in Mountain View and Thayer. 

Ozarks Healthcare Behavioral Health Center (BHC) provides psychiatry, psychotherapy, case management, health home, crisis services, and psychosocial day treatment programs.  Case management currently serves an average of 600 clients with a diagnosis of mental illness.  The Health Home program serves approximately 340 people.  

Ozarks Healthcare Behavioral Health Center (BHC) added a Family Support Provider and a Peer Support Specialist in 2018.  Both of these providers have lived experience with mental health and use their story to help families and individuals with access to services and supports.  The Peer Support Specialist left the organization in 2019 and we are currently working to onboard a new person.    


  • Three counties in our catchment area are in among the highest ten in the state in terms of persons below the poverty level:
    1. Oregon: 27.7%
    2. Wright: 27.5%
    3. Shannon: 25.2% 

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, http://factfinder2.census.gov

  • The 8th congressional district of Missouri is the poorest district in Missouri when measured by household income. 
  • 20.1% of residents in the 8th congressional district are below the federal poverty level.  This is higher than any district in the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Illinois.  Source: 2016 American Community Survey, Food and Research Action Center, Washington, D.C. 
  • According to the 2010 census our DMH catchment area is the poorest catchment area in the state of Missouri (source: K. Tombley “Cultural Competency”)
  • The Ozarks Healthcare Behavioral Healthcare Center (BHC)  catchment area is large: it comprises 9% of the state.  

Management and Staff

Ozarks Healthcare Behavioral Health Center (BHC)  is a department of Ozarks Healthcare.  The primary responsibility for assuring that Ozarks Healthcare achieves its mission rests with the Ozarks Healthcare Board of Directors.  It is a 15-member, volunteer board made up of physicians and dedicated community members.  Ozarks Healthcare policies and procedures are used as operational guidelines for Ozarks Healthcare Behavioral Health Center (BHC). 

The Director of Ozarks Healthcare Behavioral Health Center (BHC) reports to the Vice President of Ozarks Healthcare Clinical Services.  The BHC management team is:

Director: Richard McGee, MBA

Clinical Manager (CPRC): Amber Osborne, QMHP

Clinical Manager (Therapy): Myriah Wallace, LPC

Medical Services Manager: Joy Anderson, LPN

Support Systems Manager: Jennifer Wheeler

Medical Director: Dr. Jesse Rhodes

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) began meeting in January of 2018. The first meeting included clients and staff, and it has since expanded to include representatives from collaborative agencies. General topics of discussion have included access to care, de-stigmatization of mental health in the community, and improving clients’ experience once they are here. Specific topics have included better handoff when switching providers, child-friendly waiting room, expansion of PSR activities, involvement in more rural community events, options for transportation, and adding or expanding groups. Improvements that have resulted from CAB suggestions include a reduction in the length of time it takes to begin weekly sessions with a CSS due to the removal of the psychiatric evaluation requirement for CPRC services, optional hospital tours for BHC staff so we are better able to assist our BHC clients in finding other services in the hospital, and an updated Release of Information process increasing ease of scheduling & accessing services. Projects the Community Advisory Board is currently working on include expanding membership, adding child-friendly components to the waiting room, and developing and releasing a community survey regarding access to care.

Organizational Tenets

Our Mission: To provide exceptional, compassionate care to all we serve.

Our Vision: We will change lives by nurturing hope, improving health, and encouraging wellness – every person, every time.

Our Values:

  • Superior Service
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Enthusiasm
  • Accountability
  • Respect


Financial statements are prepared monthly and reviewed by Ozarks Healthcare Senior Leadership.  The income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet are reviewed monthly with the Ozarks Healthcare Board of Directors.  Financial goals are compared to plan.  An annual audit of financial reports is performed by BKD LLC, a firm that is independent of Ozarks Healthcare .

The Ozarks Healthcare BHC income statement is reviewed each month by the Director and the BHC management team.