Published on July 31, 2019

240 students receive free athletic physicals at OMC

On July 25, Ozarks Medical Center (OMC) provided free athletic physicals to 240 area middle and high school students from 12 different schools.

Athletic physicals are required for students who plan to participate in any school-sponsored sport. Local physicians and providers conducted the physicals for student-athletes seventh through 12th grade attending local schools. 

“Thank you to all the student-athletes who took part in the physicals. We appreciate our amazing team who made this possible,” said Josh Drummond, Director of OMC Rehabilitation. “This event is a fantastic community benefit and a convenient way for student-athletes to fulfill the requirement of receiving a sports physical. We are proud to offer free athletic physicals in support of our local athletes and their commitment to participating in activities that promote community wellness.”

Provider volunteers included Dr. Jen Lambert, OMC West Plains Family Medicine; Dr. Samantha Wallace, OMC Hospitalist; Dr. Edwin Roeder, OMC Orthopedics; Dr. Ashish Risal, OMC Pediatrics; Dr. Gary Finke, Southern Missouri Community Health Care; Dr. Magdy Giurgius, OMC Surgical Specialists; Dr. Christopher Cochran, OMC Internal Medicine; and Dr. Rick Holloway, OMC Urology. Nurse Practitioners Brooke Fair, OMC Winona; Bridgette Hendrix, OMC Pediatrics; and Jennifer Rhoads, OMC Women’s Healthcare Clinic.

Volunteers included Alexandra Malisheski, Alyse Anderson, Amber Tooley, Amy Mueller, Angela Anderson, Ann Sisco, Brittney Walsh, Bryan Hathcock, Carolyn Valade, Chantelle McLean, Cindy Wilson, Deanna Morris, Deloris McGee, Dona Paschall, Doug Dunbar, Ellen Simpson, Emily Streit, Evette Prill, Felicia Armades, Greg Peugh, Haley Staggs, Hannah Riggs, Heidi McFarland, James Glover, Jennifer Wheeler, Jessie Spurgin, Jo Pierce, Jordan Pasley, Joy Anderson, Julie Dunbar, Justin Helton, Karmen Cressman, Kat Scott, Kelli McKee, Kelly Johnson, Kevin Lott, Lee Parker, Leigha Lashley, Lori Hall, Mary Beth Brown, Megan Thompson, Melissa West, Misty Fleetwood, Paul Murray, Rabi Sahoo, Reba Gunter, Rebecca Williams, Rebeka Glogston, Rex Wynn, Sherry Zajicek, Sidney Frisbee, Sunny Redfield, Taylor AraSmith, Theresa Speake, Tonya Rackley, and Trena Parker.

The OMC Nurse Residency Program volunteered also. Included were Karlee Marvin, Abby Stultzfus, Cassie Deckard, Chelsea Orchard, Christina Hardman, Emily Hollis, Katie Terrill, Lindsey Hughes, Maria Rodriguez, Rachel Roberts, Sam Jones, Sarah Cornmen, Seceilia Stephenson, and Timber Thornton.

Organizers included Josh Drummond, Misty McCrackin, Sarah James, and Drew Clark.

Drummond also gave a special thank you to the coaching staff from West Plains High School for volunteering.

For more information about Ozarks Medical Center or other free screenings, call 417-257-6735.

Pediatrician Dr. Risal with Student AthletePictured: Quinsey Doolittle, son of Bailey Russell of West Plains, and Dr. Ashish Risal, Pediatrician at OMC Pediatrics during the OMC free school athletic physicals held at the OMC Shaw Building


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