Published on July 07, 2021

Statement on Repeating History: A COVID-19 Update 

Today, history unfortunately began to repeat itself at Ozarks Healthcare.

The count of COVID-19 patients hospitalized at Ozarks Healthcare has now reached into the teens. The number – 14 – is one we haven’t seen since mid-January. While this is not a record number of COVID-19 hospitalizations, it is increasing every day. Our patients range in age from 30 to 76 today. Only one has been vaccinated.

You may think we sound like a broken record.

Conversations about COVID-19 may leave you feeling worn and trampled on, just like this mask, the accessory of 2020 we never wanted to see again.

You probably see the exhaustion in our staff’s eyes sometimes more than a smile.

You likely feel just as disappointed as we are, having to run yet another marathon in a race we never asked to run.

We understand getting vaccinated is a personal choice. Choosing to get vaccinated has been put in a strange light. For some, getting a vaccine may mean losing friendships. But it is a choice that can impact so many lives other than your own.

If you have questions about the vaccine – any questions, we are here to answer them. If you need to schedule your vaccine, we are here to help. If you are afraid of walking into a public area where you might be seen getting your vaccine, we will work to accommodate even more of a private setting for you to receive your vaccine. Our pharmacy can be reached at 417-256-1793 for any of these needs.

The saying you heard many times last year still rings true: we are still in this together. You are our focus and reason for sharing proof, evidence, and facts about the COVID-19 vaccine, the tool that is now available to help fight this pandemic. Why? Because many coworkers at Ozarks Healthcare are natives to the Ozarks. If they are not, they still proudly call this beautiful part of the country their home. We, your friends, family and neighbors, do not want to see you suffering from an unpredictable and unapologetic virus.

No matter the circumstances, we will be here to care for you - our community.
Let’s not repeat history.
Let’s write the next chapter of this pandemic together.
Let’s work our hardest to make the next chapter the last.
Let’s turn the tables to where we, our community, wins.

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