Our Staff

The people of this region can be very proud of the high caliber of physicians currently on staff at Ozarks Healthcare. With more than 100 doctors, Ozarks Healthcare has a strong core of primary care physicians as well as numerous specialists. Find a physician.


Ozarks Healthcare Board of Directors

The primary responsibility for assuring that Ozarks Healthcare achieves its mission rests with the Ozarks Healthcare Board of Directors. This governing body has responsibility for the direction of the organization. It has a 15-member, volunteer board made up of physicians and dedicated community members. Current members are:

  • Bill Wood, Chairman
  • Melissa Stewart, Vice Chairman
  • Travis Smith, Secretary
  • Jack Bates, Treasurer
  • Magdy Giurgius, MD
  • Kevin Gleghorn
  • David M. Gohn
  • Reid Grigsby
  • Shawn Marhefka
  • Robert A. Martin, MD
  • Susan L. Jolly, MD
  • Priscilla A. Frase, MD
  • Jesse C. Rhoads, DO
  • Roger Shaw III, DVM
  • Rob Stauffer

Ozarks Healthcare Senior Leaders

  • Thomas Keller, President and CEO
  • Kurt Abbey, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Nursing Officer
  • Antony Joseph, MD, President of the Ozarks Healthcare Medical Group
  • William McGee, MD, Chief Medical Officer
  • Nichole Cook, Vice President of Finance
  • Todd Tamalunas, Vice President of the Ozarks Healthcare Medical Group


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