For Medical Professionals

The following information is for medical professionals, including providers who need admission, transfer or consult information, as well as laboratory testing information and links to other vital professional resources.

Hospital Admissions, Consults & Services

Arrange for admission, consults or services by calling the numbers listed for each department below:

Ozarks Healthcare Department

Phone Number

Cardiac Rehab 417-257-6785
Care Coordination 417-256-9111, x6150
Centralized Scheduling 417-257-5901
Community Care / Support Services 417-256-3133
Emergency Department 417-256-9111, x6600
Home Health 417-256-3133
Hospice 417-256-0900
Hospitalists 417-257-5800
Hospice 417-256-3133
Imaging / Radiology 417-257-6713
Lab 417-257-6736
Medical Equipment 417-256-0900
Medical Records 417-256-9111, x7020
Pharmacy 417-256-1793
Pulmonary Rehab 417-257-5959
Sleep Center 417-257-5901
Therapies - Occupational, Physical & Speech/Language 417-257-5959

Ozarks Healthcare 340B Prescription Drug Program

Ozarks Healthcare Internal Medicine is available to consult (telehealth option available) with your patients regarding their eligibility to purchase prescription drugs through Ozarks Healthcare's 340B Prescription Drug Program. The 340B Prescription Drug Program is intended to support patients who may be underinsured, uninsured, or have financially prohibitive copays on prescription medication. For more information about 340B programs, please visit AHA.

A list of commonly prescribed 340B medications is available here.

Please feel free to call Ozarks Healthcare Pharmacy at 417-256-1793, with any questions.

To make a referral to Ozarks Healthcare, please provide a completed referral form to the relevant facility.

Download Referral Form

COVID-19 Outpatient Treatments at Ozarks Healthcare

Ozarks Healthcare is following a protocol recommended by the NIH to prioritize those at highest risk for progression to severe COVID-19 disease. Ozarks Healthcare has limited quantities of COVID-19 antiviral treatments, and they are available by order or prescription only. Demand for these treatments is expected to outpace supply. Please follow the steps to refer a patient for an outpatient IV/IM COVID-19 treatment and to access eligibility forms for oral medication options through Ozarks Healthcare that are listed here.

Physician Opportunities at Ozarks Healthcare

At Ozarks Healthcare, we’re changing the way medical care is delivered to our area by providing the rare combination of advanced medicine and compassionate care you can only get at home.

Come join us!

Current Physician Opportunities