For complete bone and joint care in your community, choose Ozarks Healthcare. You’ll stay near your home and support system in southern Missouri for the same services and expertise available in larger cities. From testing to treatment to rehabilitation, you’ll find everything you need to safely get moving again.

Services for an Active, Healthy Life

Start your journey toward better health with personalized care from the convenient, local provider you trust.

Evaluation & Diagnosis

Your orthopedic specialist will learn as much as possible to find the reason for your symptoms so you receive the right treatment recommendations. You may need one or more exams, such as:

  • Functional assessment – Measures how well you can do certain tasks and which movements cause pain or other symptoms
  • Imaging scans – Show your bones, joints, or soft tissues (like muscles and ligaments)
  • Nerve conduction studies – Place sticky electrode patches on your skin to record how fast electrical signals travel and look for nerve problems (such as carpal tunnel syndrome)

When your doctor explains your results, ask questions to make sure you understand your injury and steps you can take to recover.

Sports Medicine

If athletic activity causes pain or trouble moving, seek help from our experts in sports medicine. You’ll get back in action as soon as possible with nonsurgical care or minimally invasive procedures that limit your downtime. You may even benefit from new types of regenerative medicine, or biologics. These innovative approaches use natural substances to heal an injury.

Back, Neck & Spine Care

A bone or nerve condition in your spine can lead to pain, numbness, or weakness in other areas of your body. Take control of your symptoms with help from a fellowship-trained spine surgeon—an expert in nonsurgical and surgical back and neck care. You’ll have access to minimally invasive treatments and advanced technology designed to make you feel like yourself again.

Joint Replacement

Hip, knee, or shoulder replacement surgery may offer the long-term solution you’ve been seeking for arthritis pain. If other treatments haven’t helped, ask us if joint replacement is right for you. By limiting postsurgical pain and time in the hospital, we’ve made it easier than ever to fit treatment into your life. Ozarks Healthcare also provides MAKO (makoplasty) robotic total joint arthroplasties for partial knee, total knee, and total hip replacements. Makoplasty (MAKO) is the latest and most advanced surgical technique in orthopedic procedures to treat degenerative joint disease. In a MAKO procedure, robotic technology is used to allow for extremely precise placement of joint implants. 

Orthopedic Surgery

If you need any surgical procedure, feel confident you’re in good hands. Our orthopedic surgeons have decades of experience and offer you the same level of care they provided in large health systems across the country.

Your procedure will take place in our hospital, which meets high standards for quality and safety. Feel peace of mind that this setting provides all the advanced care you’d need in the unlikely case of an emergency.

Hand Surgery and Treatment 

Conditions associated with the hand and wrist can greatly affect quality of life. Ozarks Healthcare Orthopedics and Spine can treat carpel and cubital tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and more. 


Rehabilitation helps you recover and regain abilities after an injury or surgery. With one-on-one support, you’ll gradually decrease pain and restore strength and flexibility. Learn about the wide range of therapies at Ozarks Healthcare.

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