Joint Replacement

Start living the more active life you want. Enjoy years of relief from arthritis pain with joint replacement surgery at Ozarks Healthcare. You’ll feel like family in the care of surgeons who have spent decades successfully treating patients like you. Thanks to our team support and preparation process, your surgical experience will go as smoothly, quickly, and painlessly as possible.

Hip, Knee & Shoulder Replacements

Stay in southern Missouri for expert care during:

  • Total hip replacement
  • Total knee replacement
  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Reverse shoulder replacement, which switches the position of the shoulder’s ball and socket to improve range of motion after a severe rotator cuff tear

All these treatments exchange your damaged joint for an artificial one that feels natural.

Is Joint Replacement Right for Me?

Talk to an orthopedic surgeon about joint replacement if your hip, knee, or shoulder pain:

  • Makes it hard to do daily activities or get a good night’s sleep
  • Doesn’t go away even after you try nonsurgical treatments, like joint injections or physical therapy
  • Reduces your quality of life

Tell your surgeon about your symptoms, health history, lifestyle, and goals. If you haven’t already had an imaging test, your doctor will likely order one to learn more about your joint. Count on us to recommend your best treatment option and explain likely outcomes, so you can make an informed decision about getting care.

Preparation & Education

Before surgery, you’ll come to an Ozarks Healthcare location to watch a video explaining each step of your joint replacement journey. Bring a loved one who will help take care of you at home after treatment. You’ll both meet orthopedic nurses and have a chance to ask follow-up questions to help you feel ready for surgery.

Reach Your Best Health

When you’re healthy, your surgical recovery is easier. That’s why we help you get in good shape before joint replacement.

You may meet a physical therapist in your surgeon’s office to learn how to strengthen the muscles around your joint before surgery and start preparing for rehabilitation. If you have a chronic illness, like a heart or lung condition, your surgeon will refer you to a specialist to get your symptoms under control. That means you can focus more on your joint and less on other health concerns.

Less Pain, More Comfort

Joint replacement recovery is easier than ever because of our work to prevent pain. Talk one-on-one with our anesthesiologist (pain doctor) about the best approach for you. It may include both:

  • General anesthesia – Makes you sleep during surgery
  • Regional anesthesia – Numbs your joint so you feel less postsurgical pain after you wake up

You’ll also get a prescription for pain medicine to take at home. Ask your care team about more options to improve your comfort, such as ice or heat therapy.

Team Support for Your Recovery

Look forward to going home the day after surgery. During your short stay with us, you’ll get care for all your needs from a full team of professionals, such as:

  • Hospitalist (hospital doctor) – Works with your surgeon to oversee your care
  • Physical therapist – Helps you safely start moving again as soon as possible for a faster recovery and better long-term outcome
  • Occupational therapist – Teaches you how to do everyday tasks, like getting dressed and eating meals, as you regain full use of your joint
  • Social worker and case manager – Make sure you have medical equipment, plans for home care and rehabilitation, and anything else you need for a safe recovery

Follow-Up Care in Your Community

When you choose your local West Plains health system for joint replacement, you won’t have to travel far for follow-up appointments. See your surgeon regularly in the weeks after surgery to make sure your incision heals and check that you’re on track with rehabilitation. For years to come, you’ll have easy access to your care team for support that helps you enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Ask for a Referral

Ask your primary care doctor for a referral to Ozarks Healthcare Orthopedics and Spine.

Need a primary care provider?

Search our physician directory for family practice or internal (adult) medicine specialists.

Get Ready for Surgery

Learn about surgery at Ozarks Healthcare, including:

  • Preoperative lab and imaging tests
  • Anesthesia
  • Help to pay your bill

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