Volunteer Opportunities At Ozarks Healthcare

Volunteers are the heart of Ozarks Healthcare

Volunteers are a vital part of Ozarks Healthcare as they enhance the high-quality care given to patients and their families. In 2018 alone, 146 volunteers contributed 22,425 hours to Ozarks Healthcare a contribution valued at more than $550,000.

Volunteers serve in a variety of roles throughout the health care system, assisting many different departments and gaining a variety of skills. Whatever an individual interest might be, Ozarks Healthcare will work with volunteers to find a schedule and position to suit them.

  • Opportunity to give to your community. By volunteering within the health care system, you provide valuable support for the patients, visits, and staff of Ozarks Healthcare.
  • Many of our volunteers want to serve because they’ve been a personal recipient of health care services and want to serve others in appreciation for the service they themselves received.
  • There are many volunteer opportunities. The health care system includes innumerable jobs and levels of complexity. Volunteers may be staffed to the general information desks or to specific departments.
  • If you are in school, volunteer hours speak volumes on college and scholarship applications. By volunteering, you can add valuable credentials and experience to your application.
  • Our typical volunteer assignments are in 3-hour blocks.

Clinics, Emergency Department, and other waiting room attendants

Information desks – escort patients and visitors, deliver flowers and mail, do interdepartmental deliveries, transport patients by wheelchair for transfer or discharge, provide informational services, make rounds to patient rooms with a book cart

Library workers – computer search, policy revisions, cataloging, project support

Therapies – assist inpatient areas by cleaning tables between patients, escorting patients, equipment management

Information technology – working with staff, record keeping

Clinics and emergency department and other waiting room attendance – serving waiting areas by keeping coffee pots prepared, area picked up, answering questions, escorting families to patients, and helping with stocking shelves

Thrift stores – sorting, tagging, clerking

Gift shop – clerk, stock shelves

*Some assignments may require an interview by the department manager


We provide a meal in the hospital cafeteria for every shift worked; volunteers may purchase over-the-counter medications from the Ozarks Healthcare Employee Pharmacy which offers significant discounts from retail prices. Discounted rates for AirEvac Lifeteam also are available.

Process to Apply

  • Complete the application and informational papers; the minimum age is 14.
  • Have a parent or guardian sign the application if under age 18
  • Return your application to Ozarks Healthcare – attention volunteer director
  • Come in for an interview to discuss a possible assignment
  • If an assigned area will require an interview in the department, arrangements will be made for the departmental appointment
  • Go to HR for screening – includes criminal record check, drug screening, and TB testing
  • When all the screening information is returned and clear, HR will call to arrange an initial orientation – it takes about an hour
  • Orientation to the volunteer department – takes five to 30 minutes
  • Orientation in the assigned area – time may vary depending on the area.
  • Keep your commitment to your assigned work shift. Notify the office of conflicts as soon as possible.
  • Thank you for considering volunteering at Ozarks Healthcare.

Volunteer Locations

  • Hospital information desks
  • Emergency Department
  • Walk-in Clinic
  • Medical library
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Gift Shop
  • West Plains Thrift Store
  • Mountain View Thrift Store
  • Riverways Hospice
  • Chaplain

Purpose . . . .Making a difference . . . .Meaningful work

A Rewarding Experience

In addition to providing a valuable service to Ozarks Healthcare, volunteers find what they do rewarding. Here is what a few volunteers said about giving back:

" It still feels good to be able to help somebody. It gives you a great deal of satisfaction to just be able to bring a smile to somebody's face or comfort them when they are discouraged or have lost a loved one. I am grateful there is a place I can work and feel like I am doing something for someone." - Ozarks Healthcare 30-year volunteer

"It keeps you active and feeling young. You get exercise too because it gets you up and running." - Ozarks Healthcare 7-Year Volunteer

"It is a gratifying place to be. When your shift is over, you just feel good. I would tell others not to put off volunteering. Go ahead and do it because you will be so glad you did. I had thought about volunteering for years but put it off. Those are years I would have been better off for volunteering and (Ozarks Healthcare) would have benefited too." - Ozarks Healthcare Volunteer